JULY 21, 2017 | BEN BREW
Sexy Data

How much sex are we having a week? Do we get more action as we get older? How much more sex do people with a regular partner have than those without one? These are all questions that can now be answered with a little help from a little data. A new survey was released this year that asked respondents a few simple questions about their sex life and collected data on their age and relationship status. Though no information was collected on the gender of the respondents, this data still gives us on idea on how sex varies with age and partner status.

Age is represented as a continuous variable in the data, but the actual frequency of sex is recorded as one of seven categories. For the purpose of this analysis I recoded the variables as follows:

Survey Response Recoded Value
Not at all Never
1-2 times per yearRarely
Once a monthRarely
2-3 times per monthRarely
2-3 times per weekRegularly
4+ times per week Regularly

As one might expect, we don’t have nearly as much sex as we get older. Both plots represent the percent of survey responders, at each age, that have sex regularly. Looks like we are peaking in our late 20s (~70% of them having sex quite regularly), with a steady decline as we age.

Also, as you might expect, having a partner increases your numbers quite a bit, at least until you’re older. However, there is a lot more variance among those who are not having sex with a regular partner (the sample size is much smaller at older ages), and surprisingly, the percentage of them having regular sex seems to not vary much with age.

Do you want to see how you stack up compared to the respondents of the survey? Enter your age and whether or not you have a partner and see how you match up!

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