{Data Consulting}

What we offer

We offer customized solutions and approaches for your organization's data collection, storage, management, and analytical needs. Our services range from the short and sweet (one-off analyses) to the holistic (survey flow, dashboard construction, and analytical tools) to the big and bold (collaborative software development with integrated team capacity-building).

How we're different

We don't work for clients, we work with them. Our solutions are generally aimed not at solving a specific problem, but rather equipping an organization with the toolset to solve the problem for themselves. This means (a) empowered employees and (b) the ability to re-apply solutions to other areas. It also means that we stick to open-source software, complete transparency in pricing, and strive to avoid "black box" approaches to analysis.

It's about process, not product

Traditional consulting often consists of a round of data collection, followed by a behind-the-scenes "analysis", followed by a powerpoint presentation. The experience is intentionally opaque and disorienting for the client, sometimes designed explicitly to make the organization feel helpless without the genius consultant in the room.

We take the opposite the approach: our entire workflow is wholly accessible to the client, and we encourage participatory collaboration. We work diligently to achieve reproducibility through automation and client education, with the goal of making ourselves obsolete as quickly as possible.


We've previously worked with organizations on projects like:

  • Implementing a daily emergency room symptomatic surveillance anomaly detection report
  • Building a custom R package for a research institution
  • Optimizing school system food acquisition and delivery networks
  • Interested?

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